BJj Roadmap reviewer Ritchie YipStephan does a fantastic job of explaining why BJJ seems so complex and frustrating at first, and clarifies that those are also the same factors that make BJJ so interesting, so fascinating, and ultimately so much fun. The Roadmap For Grappling is an extraordinarily clear and logical resource, showing students of BJJ that there is an answer to this complexity! Stephan also dispels some of the common fears associated with first learning BJJ and lets beginners know that they are not alone when they don’t “get it” right away.

This book is now required reading for all of my students.

Ritchie Yip
Head Instructor, InFighting MMA

I have been doing various martial arts on and off for around 6 years and I have some grappling experience from Judo and MMA. Stephan taught us a seminar based on the Roadmap to BJJ book, and this really helped improve my BJJ. I have incorporated various techniques and principles that he taught into my game. Also, I successfully used the submission combination that he taught to win my division in a tournament. Thank you for the great instruction!

Vancouver BC

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Stephan Kesting